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Pembroke Smile Center


I highly recommend this place! I am from Orlando, Florida, and I travel all the way to Pembroke Pines just to get my teeth fixed with Dr. Roman. It’s worth the travel! Because I know that my smile is properly taken care of. Dr. Roman is a very patient and dedicated dentist. She pays attention to detail, and she will not let you leave unless the work is perfectly done. She cares.

The whole team is dedicated to your health. Paola has been wonderful to me as well. She is constantly calling and checking on me to see how am I doing with the treatment plan.

5-star experience!

Pembroke Smile Center


It is not an easy task to look for not only a professional and experienced dentist, but also a personable, compassionate and sweet dentist. I am very grateful to have Dr.Roman as my dentist. I really appreciate the fact that she takes her patients' health very seriously and taylors each treatment plan according to your specific needs. She is also very meticulous and most importantly, honest! She and her staff are amazing and I am very careful and took my time to choose a dentist. I am happy to say I feel very comfortable and at home at Pembroke Smile. Dr.Roman is a perfectionist and understands her patients' needs. I highly recommend Pembroke Smile. Thank you Dr.Roman and your professional staff - I look forward to my next visit to achieve a healthy beautiful smile!

Pembroke Smile Center


Pembroke Smiles Center provides great service and most importantly everyone makes you feel comfortable. So far, very much liking this place. Dr. Roman’s work looks amazing!

Pembroke Smile Center


This is the best place to go! I was greeted with a warm personality and a beautiful smile. Kenya made me feel at home. The team of hygienists were very gentle and Doctor Toro was the absolute best. She made me feel comfortable and she is has such a great personality. Love this team! Definitely doing all my visits here.

Pembroke Smile Center


I’ve been to way too many dentists, and after been seen by Dr. Alicia Toro, I won’t go anywhere else. She and her staff are the best. The work done on me was impeccable.

Pembroke Smile Center

Elaine E.

I guess you would say that I would qulitify to be an expert when it comes to rating dentist drs and all there help. Why, Because you name it and I probably have had that procedure done. So you can trust me when I say this is the place to come for your dental work.

Pembroke Smile Center


Total confidence in a casual yet very professional atmosphere. Always able to fit me in if a urgent need arises. Calls later to make sure all is well. Good People!

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